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Protect your family with affordable dental benefits, vision benefits, and prescription benefits from Dental Call

When was the last time you went to the dentist? How about to the doctor for a checkup? Do you suspect that your son needs glasses but you just can’t afford the vision test this month? The professionals at DentalCall are here to help! We offer discount dental plans, medical plans, vision plans, prescription plans, and even a Lifestyle Program to help you afford various activities and services.

We understand that sometimes the scariest part of going to the dentist is not the drill - it’s the bill that comes afterwards. Dental services are anything but cheap. On the other hand, cavities and gum disease can be excruciatingly painful, uncomfortable, and even dangerous if left untreated. The discount dental plans offered by DentalCall are the affordable solution for those people without insurance who can’t afford dental services. By purchasing one of our affordable dental plans, you will save up to 60% and sometimes more on all types of dental procedures. With savings like these, you will never have to hesitate again when you or a family member has a cavity or needs an annual cleaning.

These unbelievable savings are not just reserved for dental procedures. DentalCall also offers vision plans, prescription plans, and our exclusive lifestyle program. We understand that many people cannot afford insurance, do not qualify for it due to pre-existing conditions, and that many jobs do not provide it. At DentalCall, we believe that our savings are for everyone to enjoy. We guarantee that we will never turn a customer away due to a pre-existing condition and we have no annual maximums or waiting periods. Unlike other discount dental plans, we have our own network consisting of thousands of providers. Some of our competitors lease 100% of their providers from other networks. This means that that have no control over the quality of the level of care they are providing to their customers. Every dentist in our core tri-state network is accountable directly to us.

Don’t let overwhelmingly high prices stop you from getting the dental and medical care that you and your family deserve. Call DentalCall today to find the discount dental plan that is right for you. Call us right now to speak to a professional who will help you afford the care that you deserve.

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Legal note: DentalCALL and other DBC plans are not insurance plans.





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