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For many of you reading this, a visit to the doctor is hardly an annual thing. Trips to see a physician are often put off until an absolute emergency requires it resulting in staggering medical bills. At Dentalcall , we hear horrible stories like that everyday. We understand that avoiding health care is not your fault. Medical care in this country is simply prohibitively expensive for many people. This is why we have worked hard to offer medical discounts plans that provide affordable medical benefits to everyone.

Dentalcall offers the most effective discount health care savings program in the New Jersey tri-state area. We pride ourselves on offering personalized care to every member of our service. When you call some of our competitors, you are directed to an automated voice answering service. We believe that our the health of your family is simply too important to leave to an answering machine. This is why live operators are standing by every single day to answer your questions and help you save money.

Our discount medical plans start at $199 a year. We are not an insurance company so you will never go through an intensive screening process. We offer discount medical plans for individuals, families, groups and businesses with no age restrictions or waiting periods of any kind. If you have a pre-existing condition that your current insurance company won't cover, we can provide the discounts for the care needed.

Not everyone has access to medical insurance. For those who don't, Diversified Benefits Corporation's discount medical plan is the next best thing!


  • Save an average of 30% on well and sick visits, lab and X-ray services at over 375,000 doctors and specialists nationwide. (DOES NOT INCLUDE HOSPITAL VISITS)
  • Medical negotiation services are available to assist with the lowering of hospital expenses.
  • No claim forms, waiting periods, or age restrictions. No annual or lifetime maximums.
    • Discounts on most medical specialties, including: cosmetic surgery, reproductive endocrinology, and all other services and procedures not usually covered by traditional insurance plans.

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Legal note: DentalCALL, Access One Medical, and all other Diversified Benefits Corporation's plans are not insurance plans.





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